Saturday, May 3, 2014

Guest Room Tour! & IGGY tonight!

Many of the items in my shopping cart these days have been related to home decor 
and getting the guest room to actually be able to have guests!

We set up the whole room & played the waiting game to get the mattress from my parent's house!

Love this map that my mom gave me!

& finally they brought it up {thanks Mom & Pop & Gene}! 
I love the quilt from the husband's post college bed, 
it is perfect for the guest room!
with the handmade blanket passed down from my Zia and Nonna =)
& thanks Zia for the gold and white lamps! I love them with the graphic shades from Target!

The New Jersey pillow made a come back too! 
Once I bought a new pillow for it since the bulldog Maggie made that her target this the last year...

I have been enjoying adding the little details to the room to tie everything together,
I love the prints of my dad's home town Colle Sannita in Italy that were made from the pictures that hang in my grandparents house!
I also love the little Korean masks that hang on the curtain rod from one of my best friends Joe Park!

I love this knob that I picked up from Anthropologie,
The compass design with the tan & black print is perfect for the small closet door & the world theme!

In other news, 
I am going to Philadelphia tonight to see Iggy Azalea in concert with my best friend/big sister Amanda!
I am so excited!
& dinner at the South Philly Tap Room!

bring on the oysters, cocktails, and music! 


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