Friday, February 22, 2013

faves for friday: squirrel print

Of course when you find a strange animal print there is a story that goes along with it, right?? 

So this shirt. 

I saw it about 2 months ago at this creepy little store called "Third Hand". 
Open only on some Saturdays, between the hours of 12-5. 

We browsed, because creepy road side vintage stores is kinda my thing.
I feel IN LOVE with a little bistro set & this squirrel print blouse. 
Fiancé said no, and we left with nothing. 

Couldn't get that perfect table {& secretly the squirrel blouse} out of my mind. 
We went back a few times, but the store was always closed. 

Finally last weekend we were able to see if my loves were still there. 

No table, but squirrel blouse. For $5. AMAZING. 
I am literally in love with this blouse. 

Now the crazy part would have been, what if they sold the table & the blouse?!?! 
In a store that probably sees 2 people every week. 

I would have demanded they told me who bought it,
I feel that that would have been my doppelganger.
But alas, I am the only one who wanted to give these squirrels a new home.  

 What I Wore: glasses- Rivet & Sway Punchlines {take $25 until May with code EMMASWAYS}, top & skirt- thrifted, stockings- Nicole Miller, flats- Louis Vuitton via threadflip

Happy Friday!

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Marine said...

Oh man, I am jealous! I SO would have taken that shirt home. My boyfriend and I have a thing for squirrels.