Thursday, November 1, 2012

feelin' the blues

Still not working, and off tomorrow. That means I have had a 10 day weekend, hopefully Monday I can get in and educate some kids about cell membrane transport, you know all that super fun stuff. 

I am running out of good ol' outfits to blog about- guess I will have to start getting dressed sometime soon.
that my friends is fashion blogging motivation at it's best. 

The inspiration for this outfit came when I just so happened to try on this top with these pants,
= magic

made it super easy to throw on and go to work {when working was a thing}
 What I Wore: glasses- Midnight Blue Sinclairs Warby Parker, top & pants & shoes- Old Navy, necklace- Ell and Emm on etsy, belt- H&M

polish- Essie "Penny Talk" / skeleton ring- Gypsy Warrior

How are my fellow east coasters doing post Sandy?

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Tara said...

We are still off too, I can't believe it! Love those pants!