Saturday, September 15, 2012

weekend wear- compliment magnet

When ever I wear this Ell and Emm necklace, everyone has something to say about it. 
It is a complement magnet! 
Having a rough day? 
Throw on this Ell and Emm necklace will bring up your spirits! 

& clearly maggie knew I was talking about Ell and Emm on the blog today because this is what I found her chewing on when I was in the middle of writing this post:
yup, she likes them too...

What I Wore: glasses- Steve Madden, necklace- Ell and Emm on Etsy, tank- express, belt- H&M, shorts- GAP, sandals- Payless, bag- Kate Spade. 

Another Ell and Emm beauty that I am hoping to get my hands on is the Audrey necklace:
hopefully Jenn put one of these beauties aside for me =)

I don't know about everyone else out there, but I really need this weekend to last forever
{teachers out there- feel me?}

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