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Humble Beauty Opinion #102 :: May 2022

Today should be my June HBO but time doesn't exist around here right now 
so here is my May Humble Beauty Opinion! 


My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

As per usual lets start with my monthly subscription to Ipsy!
This month's bag itself was just okay and I have yet to try most of the products 
but I LOVE the F.A.R.A.H Dazzle Bo$$ Lipgloss in Downtown,
a nice glitter gloss ✨ 
{I've got 5 free bags to give- hit me up with your email if you are interested!}

I did do a couple "add on" orders this month from Ipsy,
I was drawn to this "Fully Sculpted Duo" because I love a red blush 
but only have one that is getting past it's prime

Also picked up the "Polish Me Pretty Set" from Ipsy,
didn't realize that I already have the Belle En Argent in "What She's Having" & love it, 
so I passed this one on to my mom.
I LOVE the People of Color polish in "Anacanda"

Such a good gold glitter, love that it is not a just a top coat but has full coverage

& have to share my last BumpBox,
 really enjoyed this gift from my hubby,
got lots of goodies that I used and continue to enjoy!

As far as purchases go, I haven't really bought a lot of beauty products these days, 
really trying to use up some of the products I already have {especially skin care}
but I could not bring myself to pass up these two polishes by Nails Inc
that I saw at Sally's Beauty Supply:

Did I just semi-unknowingly buy a crackle top coat?! 
I bought into the rebrand...

Got some goodies on my monthly makeup wishlist!

Speaking of nail polishes, there are a few on my wishlist this month:
In May Lights Lacquer released their Care Bears collaboration
it is really cute but no colors spoke to me in a way that 
I needed to add them to my collection, I do love that skittle mani though!

How amazing are these flash reflective glitter polishes from KB Shimmer

Also intrigued with this OPI "The Pass Is Always Greener" polish
as πŸ‘€ on @carlibel's Instagram Story,
{does remind me of Lights Lacquer "Catching Fireflies" which I already own}

Aside from nail polishes on my wishlist, 
I am loving the packaging of these mini palettes from Urban Decay, 
I do not need ANY more eyeshadow, especially basics like these colors 
but the packaging is so cute!

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated  
& all my humble opinions in between:
bath: Aveda "damage remedy"- I enjoyed this for after showers, especially after coloring my hair | beauty 360 "Jumbo Cotton Balls" from CVS- these are my favorite size for toner and eye makeup remover | Revlon "34 Deep Burgundy" x2- this is my favorite hair dye, repurchase whenever my hair needs a pick me up | Pacifica "Disobey Time" face mask- enjoyed this pretty basic face mask | Hanhoo Blemish Patch- I think I got these from Ipsy, they SUCK, I don't think they do anything and they barely stick on your skin | Summer's Eve "Delicate Blossom Cleansing Wash"- I like this in the shower for a refresh {obvs have not used any of these type of products since having a baby, that is a whole other routine} | Lavender Triple Milled Soap from Trader Joe's- I love this soap, how it smells and that it is exfoliating | Joon & Moon "Lavender Sugar Scrubs"- I got these as a gift from my Aunt and I enjoyed them! | Shower Gel from Novetel- this has been in my travel bag for a long time, used it up in the hospital and its a good basic from a hotel | Jo Malone "Geranium & Walnut" body scrub- I love this scent and the feeling on the skin (very scented after the shower just an FYI) | Trader Joe's "Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer"- I think this is a good gel moisturizer but I think I prefer cream moisturizer, this one burns sometimes | Bath & Body Works "Stress Relief" body scrub- I got this as a gift from my sister, love the scent, can be a little drying if over used | GlamGlow "Gravity Mud" face mask- I enjoyed this, it is a bright pink glitter face mask, does it do anything to your skin? unsure but it is fun! | "Doctor's Scrub" by Goldfaden MD- I like this micro exfoliator, wish this sample lasted longer | hey honey "walk the walk" foot cream- got this from Ipsy, did not find this very hydrating, don't think it was worth a dedicated cream | Elemis "Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil"- this lasted forever and I enjoyed it, actually sad it is done but I have so many cleansers I need to use | Amino Bubble pH Cleanser- I liked this cleanser too, did leave my skin feeling moisturized | Water Wipes- using these like crazy for the baby but these are great, cleansing but not harsh

beauty: NΓ©cessaire The Body Serum- I got this from my friend Mary and I added it into my body lotion and enjoyed it! | Trader Joe's "Rose Water Facial Toner"- love this stuff, have been repurchasing | e.l.f "makeup mist & set"- I used to think this was a good alternative as long as you put it in a better sprayer like the Urban Decay All Nighter but eh just okay | Verb "Ghost Oil"- I have had this forever and started to really enjoy it when my hair got longer, would repurchase! | CHI "44 Iron Guard"- I don't heat style my hair but I used this as a hairspray and enjoyed it, a little goes a long way | Neutrogena "healthy skin anti-aging perfector in "light to neutral 30"- I added this to my foundation for the tint and the SPF and I really like the combo, I also appreciated how this packaging squeezed as you pumped to get the most out! | tarte "ultra creamy shape tape" in "20S light sand"- everyone hypes this stuff up but it is not my favorite, not enough coverage for me | Maybelline "Color Tattoo Metal in 70 Barely Branded"- this stuff got pretty dried up so I tried to use it in my lotion for a body glow, didn't really work but it was a last ditch effort πŸ€·πŸ»‍♀️

candles: Candle-Lite "Flamazing Summer" from Lidl- this was just okay a little too sweet for me | Candle-Lite "Fresh Lavender Breeze" from Lidl- I enjoyed this scent | Candle-Lite "Sweet Pear Lily" from Lidl- also enjoyed this but a little on the sweet side | Trader Joe's "Peony Blossom"- LOVED this scent!

This meme made me laugh out loud
it is literally me & my husband...

This is me during maternity leave,
just add a baby who is constantly hungry...

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