Friday, December 10, 2021

faves for Friday!

Trying to keep on top of my inspo these days,
get back to some blogging basics and have more fun!

Love these embroidered collars as πŸ‘€ on @etsyhunter πŸ”› Instagram:

Love this sweater with this fun embroidery,
as seen in this sponsored post from @saturdaymorningpancakes πŸ”› Instagram:

How cute are these custom home stickers from @stickermule πŸ”› Instagram,
πŸ“Έ & illustration from @marinajuanetillustration

LOVE these ash trays as πŸ‘€ on @brunolevytattoo on Instagram 
{no longer has an Instagram account?}

I have some unfaves this week...
also mentioned that I purchased them and that they arrived broken 
but I finally got a chance to deal with them the other day.

Spirit Halloween ended up refunding me, 
they arrived rolling around in a box with one piece of bubble on top,
one was broken at the top and both of them are very scratched.
As someone who deals with fulfillment of e-commerce, 
shipping and receiving for a living, 
this is unacceptable.

I glued the really broken one back together but I am still disappointed in these

Another unfavorite is the fact that my shoes keep breaking
I think its because I bought all of them around the same time {2012-2013}
& they are all dying at the same time 

I've been trying to fix them with some ShoeGoo, biology textbooks & binder clips, 
it is not going too well

But an excuse to go shopping?

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