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Humble Beauty Opinion #87 Feb 2021

Last Saturday was suppose to be my February Humble Beauty Opinion
 but I wasn't feeling it so I took a little break...

Today is the day!
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

As per usual lets start with my monthly subscription to Ipsy!
This month I was really excited to pick out a NARS lip pigment in "Starwoman" for my bag:

Overall I really like this month's bag and products!

Love these two little compacts, especially the Shaina B Miami blush in "Bellini"!

I was also excited to pick up the new Lights Lacquer "Cherry Bomb" duo:
{source: @lightslacquer 🔛 Instagram & on their story}

This packaging!

Love their horoscopes that they release with new collections 
in their Instagram Story:

I have worn both Lights Lacquer "Cherry Bomb" duo polishes 
& love both!


To accommodate my growing addiction to Lights Lacquer 
I had to get a new spice rack to hold them all!
I was so happy to find this vintage spice rack on Ebay for under $20!

This is mostly for my KL Polishes and Lights Lacquer:

I love using spice racks for my polishes!
Although they are still overflowing...

Got some goodies on my monthly makeup wishlist!

As far as nail polish goes, 
I really wish I got my hands on Cirque Colors "Black Magic" polish, 
it is so pretty!
{source: sponsored post from @cirquecolors 🔛 Instagram}

I have not had a makeup palette on my wishlist for a little while now 
but I am interested in this Naked Urban Decay Palette "Wild West",
especially that teal! 

but according to reviews the price does not match the quality,
too bad because it is cute!
{source: sponsored post from @sephora 🔛 Instagram}

Speaking of traveling, I am intrigued by these little travel containers from cadence.
They are magnetic, made of recycled plastic, and I love the design,
although $70 is quite pricy and I am not sure how well liquids would hold up/not leak

I am still on my search for the perfect deep red eyeliner 
& these Pudaier Cosmetics may be a good contender, 
as 👀 in this sponsored Instagram post from @pudaiercosmetics:

Another option could be this L'Oreal liquid eyeliner as discussed 

I also want to try this L'Oreal "Infallible" powder foundation
it has been all over Tik Tok and looks amazing!

Another product recommended by the "Fat Mascara // Raising a Wand" Facebook group
is this A313 Pommade for acne prone skin, and my skin was been in ROUGH shape lately. 
A combination of maskne, hormones and stress I am sure.
So I ordered this from since the reviews are really good in this thread:

So excited to try this! 
Will keep you updated!

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated  
& all my humble opinions in between:
beauty: Trader Joe's "Coconut Body Butter" x 2- these are my favorite! So hydrating and smell wonderful | benefit "Gimmie Brow" #3- I enjoyed this sample, it lasted a long time and was a fast way to boost my brows | Milk Makeup "Kush Mascara"- I think this was the Sephora birthday gift last year and I really enjoyed this mascara, gave me length and volume I would purchase this if I was in the market for a mascara but I have a lot more to use up first | grace & stella "lavender lotion" from Ipsy- I liked this but it was not the most hydrating | Kensie body lotion- I think I got this from Ipsy as well, I love the scent of this, I would purchase a Kensie perfume! 

bath: lush bubble bar- I don't think I use these bubble bars correctly because they never seem to give me a good bubble bath but they smell nice | Paul Mitchell original Shampoo One- I feel like this lasted SO LONG but it was a nice shampoo, smells like a salon | Summer's Eve "Aloe Love" Cleaning Cloths- I love these products for a quick refresh | Almay "Sensitive Skin" deodorant- a good basic deodorant | Dongfang Hotel Shower Cap- god have I really had this since we went to China?! Anyways I used this to do the peanut butter trick to be able to cut my pugs nails and it worked! | Jigott Honey facemask- a good basic face sheet mask | Hanalei "Pineapple Face Mask"- this really did smell like pineapples, I enjoyed it! | Soo'ae Hanbang Mask Hyaluronic Acid- I liked how my skin felt after this one | Jo Malone "Geranium & Walnut" Body Scrub- I am loving these little samples from my Mother-in-law, they smell so nice and make your skin nice and soft | Schick Hydro Silk 5 razor that was recommended by my sisters- I really enjoy this razor, I wish the heads could just be changed to not be so wasteful | Treader Joe's "Brown Sugar Scrub"- I love this body scrub, this trio is so nice but is quite thick and sometimes hard to get out of the tube | Biorace "Pore Tightening Pearl Clay Mask"- this is a nice standard face mask | DillyDelight "Real Egging Pack" from Ipsy- I love this night time face mask, makes my face feel soft in the morning | St. Ives Acne Control- this is my favorite face scrub, I think I waited too long to replace this one and that is part of the reason my face is in rough shape right now | Neutrogena "Makeup Remover Cleanings Towelettes"- these are okay, not my favorite I prefer the equate brand from Walmart | Lavender "Triple Milled Soap" from Trader Joe's- I love this soap because it is also exfoliating | Trader Joe's "Oatmeal & Honey Soap"- another great soap option from Trader Joe's!

candle: "Double Scented Fireplace" from The Candle Shoppe of the Poconos- I got this on our trip in January and I loved the scent in the store but I was really disappointed that this candle did not give off any scent. Like none at all... so much for "double scented"

As much as I love makeup there is nothing like this feeling:

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