Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Shopping!

What I've bought over the last few months
& been loving!


1. JCrew Factory Tissue Turtleneck- I love the way this fits and love a good houndstooth pattern!
3. Obsessed with this denim top from @tenderexchangeshop 🔛 Instagram
such a great vintage shop curated by @nic.taliaferro
4. Love this vintage Llbean pull over from treatyourselfxo's closet on Poshmark

I had to get this leopard Spiegel swimsuit for $13 
Fits perfectly, someday we will be able to go on vacation! 

I also picked up these cow print booties from darlme's closet on Poshmark:

I had to pick up one of these little dead stock vintage snakes from @nomadsnovelties 🔛 Instagram:

Do I need anymore jewelry? 
Did I order a couple pairs of hoops?

I also tried a new bra out from SKIMS
I got the mesh triangle bra and I like it, not extremely supportive but it is sexy!

Another bra that I picked up and am ABSOLUTELY loving
I got it in every color, so comfortable, supportive and a great price!

Charlie also picked up these Washable Paper Lunch Bags 
from Trader Joe's & they are amazing!
I have been using them to transport my lunch 
but we have also used them for beer and lots of other things!

I also got a super cute sponsor package from BellaLeeEyewear recently!
Had so share!

I died laughing but also felt personally attacked 

I am reminded of a conversation that we had in fashion school with a professor, 
he said 
"Normally when times are tough people stop buying clothing. 
Fashion is hit the hardest. 
Fashion people have different priorities. 
You guys laugh because you would rather go without food 
than new clothes."

I do love food, 
but there is something about new clothes that makes me happy...

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