Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Gucci when I am T.J.Maxx

If this post shared by my sister Audrey isn't accurate
I don't know what is:

I guess I am a little Gucci in my Gucci loafers, 
but they are secondhand from A Second Chance sooooo....

What I Wore: glasses- Faniel Eyewear, necklace- Julie Vos, top- Anthropologie, jeans- American Eagle, loafers- Gucci via A Second Chance

Added my Alice & Olivia Stace Face mask for my commute!

Speaking of fashion, 
I have LOVED the second season of "Articles of Interest" from the podcast 99% Invisible
I was so intrigued by the episode "A Fantasy of Fashion: Articles of Interest #7"
this episode is all about the fashion dolls (little mannequins) as the first fashion catalogs 
that were a WWII fundraiser for French Couture 
and where they ended up in a rural museum in Washington State.

Look how cool these little mannequins are!

I also really enjoyed episode "Knockoff: Articles of Interest #8" 
that explains building a luxury brand and the appeal of luxury. 
I also really enjoyed the interview with Dapper Dan, a street hustler in Harlem, New York
who realized the power of luxury symbols 
and made his own clothing using the logos of luxury brands.
He was the inventor of high end hip hop fashion and his looks were all over rappers on MTV.
So much so that his designs where then "knocked off" by Gucci...
but since it was a style of clothing and not a logo infringement, totally legal.

This story is so interesting and inspiring, 
especially to see how he has grown an empire.
I thought this podcast did a great job of explaining both sides of the trademark law.
Now Dapper Dan is embraced and employed with exclusivity by Gucci 
& creates some amazing pieces:

Gotta keep the fashion cycle churning!

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