Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What I'm Watching!

We are all watching a lot of TV these days... 
so here is what I have been watching/binging/hate watching for the last couple months...

But first, I am seriously considering having a certain someone (my hubby)
sign this contract...

I quickly became obsessed with the Amazon Original "Making the Cut"
I think the most interesting part of this show is that they pieces and designers that own each challenge (the the whole thing) got to produce a collection exclusively for Amazon that was available for purchase immediately! What an interesting take on a fashion show!

The fashion nerd in me was occupied with the logistics of how this works, 
but it seems the lead time for the pieces to ship is about 2 months from when the air date.
 {source: via}

I started watching after listening 

WARNING **Spoilers ahead!**
I think my favorite from the show overall was Esther Perbandt:

I love the fork and knife cut out pieces from her final runway show, 
love the boots she always wears and the collar necklace
but most of all I WANT those pants

& the pants are finally on her website, now I just need a cool $492...

I also enjoyed Jonny Cota's last runway show!

I especially loved the leopard print (no duh) jacket | top

I also liked that they had pieces from each episode available to purchase, 
love this striped dress from Jonny in Episode 4:
 & I would totally wear this "shirt of a shirt" top from Sander's Episode 6:

Overall a very fun show to dive into 
& forget about the horrible world we are currently living in...

On a similar note,

Wow this show was crazy, so much weird decor and eccentric people!

I also fell in love with the glasses that the steampunk guy (Bruce)
was wearing in Episode 8:

I also followed along with the YouTube Original "Instant Influencer"
& really enjoyed it!

Another STUPID very guilty pleasure was "The Masked Singer"
yes it is as dumb as you think it is but some of the celebs make it worth the reveals!

More Netflix shows I have been binging:
LOVE me some "Queer Eye" and this season is NO exception!
I thought "Never Have I Ever" was super cute
"Unorthodox" was so interesting! A look at the Hasidic community, really well done 
(highly recommend the behind the scenes too!)
"Glow Up" was British beauty completion that I also really enjoyed binging!

This tweet is an oldie but still relevant:

OBSESSED with the latest season of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix
these stories REALLY stick with you 
& will make you want to talk about them to everyone...

Another show that I can't believe I haven't heard of before was "What We Do In The Shadows"
it is like a reality TV/documentary style show about vampires.
I think it is HILARIOUS, so much so I want to watch the whole thing over again.

I also fell in love with the show "Workin' Moms"

& now for a show I "hate watched" was "Riverdale"
Yup, all 4 seasons... no it is not good, why did I continue to watch it?
Not sure, boredom I suppose...

That binge made this post from @poshmark 🔛 Instagram even more relatable:


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