Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday Story Time :: Lost & Home

When I saw this article from a Facebook post (from 2017...)
I immediately thought "Awww I hope he gets back to his owner"
& was brought right back to being a child 
when I lost my Raggedy Ann doll in a department store, 
we searched high and low and I remember being so sad about it. 
My mom even remembers the incident.

{article source:}

This lost stuffed puppy reminds me of my stuffed Dalmatian "Spot" that was given to me at my sister Bianca's 2nd birthday by a family friend Alexis,
 I was around 4 years old and has been with me since,
he currently lives in my attic closet. 

My husband Charlie recently asked me "What is one material thing (aka not the animals) you would take from the house in case of an emergency?"
& I said "Spot of course"
He looked at me like "😳"
I said "Why what about you?" 
& he said "Well all of our important documents"

At least one of us is an adult.

This shirt was also lost (& home)
It was left in our house when we bought it and I couldn't get rid of it:

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Mo Eyewear, lips- Wet n Wild "Lilac Theater", earrings- Julie Vos, necklace- Julie Vos "Coin Charm", top- vintage (found in our house when we bought it), belt- Gap, pants- Walmart, shoes- Shop Hopes

Of course I've got some ring bling too from Julie Vos

This meme (especially with how old this post's inspiration is)
is so so so accurate:
{source: @girlwithnojob 🔛 Instagram, also from over a year ago...}


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