Saturday, April 6, 2019

#SMILEFEARLESSLY :: Smile Brilliant Experience & Giveaway!

In November Smile Brilliant reached out to me to see if I wanted to try out their custom fitted whitening trays, I was hesitant at first because whitening systems I have tried in the past have left my teeth super sensitive and your girl loves cold drinks and don't get me started on ice cream.

I decided to give it a shot and they sent me a kit!
 The first step was to make the molds for the custom-fitted trays,
this is done by combining the base and the catalyst and squishing them into the trays, 
the tray is then pressed into the teeth and repeat the process for the other side:

I don't necessarily think my teeth need to be whitened, 
I mean they are not sparkling but they look like they enjoy a morning coffee, 
cheese doodles as a snack & a nightly glass of wine. 

Here is my before picture:

So weird to see your own teeth outside your face in the custom mouth trays:

I was doing 45 min sessions about every other day to avoid sensitivity,
The kit said you could do 45 mins - 2 hours!

This was my mid way result: 

Decided to do longer sessions to increase some results,
not going to lie it was kind of hard to find the time to do these sessions.
I work in NYC and barely have time to eat let alone have these mouth guards in for 45 mins + without eating or drinking anything,
 it would almost be easier if you could just wear them over night.

Not to mention after the initial whitening sessions,
you have to do the same thing with the desensitizing gel.

I ended up whitening while I would do my eye makeup in the morning
& then finish my makeup after the whitening session.
Or would do a full self case session: face mask & bath!

This is my end results: 

A slight-but-brightening result!
Top: Before | Bottom: After

All my empties from this whole process:

I have the exciting opportunity to offer my readers a customized Smile Brilliant whitening system, 
a $149 value!
Open to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States!
{Will close in about 2 weeks- needs at least 25 entries!}

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