Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Shopping // Christmas - What I Gave & Got!

Part 1: What I Got-

From the hubby {he did gooddddd}
Urban Decay "Smoked" Palette

LuLu Frost lip necklace & black diamond earrings

Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

From my sisters:
Fur vest with a hood from my sister Audrey
Aldo leopard back booties & "So Glad We're Sisters" book from my sister Bianca
Color changing map mug & faucet hooks hanger from my sister Silvia
& undies from "Santa"

This faucet hanger is so hefty and cool!

From my Zia:
This vintage crocodile bucket bag is a birthday/Christmas present & I am LOVING it!
It is a classic shape, color, and so nice!

I also love this triangle necklace from my cousin Sabrina,
it symbolizes creativity and I haven't taken it off since I got it!

Part 2: What I Gave-

I got my dad this Rangers "ugly Christmas sweater",
it is so cute on him!

I got my mom this Bronx-opoly game from Ebay:

I also got my sister Bianca this bulldog sweater from Rachelsresalebtq on instagram:

My favorite thing that I got my sisters were these 28fourjewelry state bracelets:

Every year I like to do beauty bags for my sisters,
I loved the bags this year!





Charlie got my sister's fiancé & boyfriend "Party Shirts",
I love that they wore them on Christmas since it was 72 degrees!

So warm the trees and flowers are confused,
our cherry blossom started to bloom!

No matter what the weather says,
Merry Christmas to all!

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