Friday, December 18, 2015

Invest in Vests! {& Faves for Friday}

I remember when puffy vests were all the rage in middle school, 
well, they are still one of my favorite things to wear!

Here is my collection! 

While writing this post, I realized that I still wanted a polka dot vest
& found a $10 one on PoshMark from the seller miss_adri626!
Had to purchase it for such a great price, especially compared to this one from Talbots that is $90

PoshMark always helps me find things that I can't find otherwise!
+ Use coupon code "BUSSI" for $10 off your first PoshMark purchase for a limited time!

I also want one with a multicolored plaid/tartan pattern like this one from Lands End,
but it is $60...

Or these from PoshMark:
#1 {$40} / #2 {$39}

I also want a green military style vest, preferably a nice one from Madewell,
but probably will get it from PoshMark too, haha:
#1 {$25} / #2 {$35}

Are you as into vests as I am?!
There are so many cute looks with vests on Instagram + Pinterest!

Other Faves for Friday:
This "Instagram Husband" video on YouTube is so funny,
and totally my hubby {thank God for his support though!}

Along the same line, 
my husband tagged me in this picture...

I have also been enjoying Jessica Jones on Netflix,
it is so good! 
I am not usually a comic book fan, but it was an amazing binge!

The next season of Serial has started!
{this podcast got me hooked to all the podcasts I listen to now}
I am excited to see what this season has to offer, the first one was seriously addicting.

I love this little air plant that we picked up on a whim from Trader Joe's,

Arnold has been loving his newly acquired bed, from Barry the pug,
we find him sleeping in it throughout the day/night

My pug muffin has been cuddling with me & sleeping in his new leopard bed too,
he is just so cute!

Remember that apple pie from Delicious Orchards on Thanksgiving?
It is my absolute favorite and I am sad it is all gone,
until next year =P

I tired a cappuccino from Wawa the other day & it was delicious!
So fancy for Wawa!

Happy Weekend =)

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goes until Dec 22nd!
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Shop my closet: PoshMark
Use coupon code "BUSSI" for $10 off your first PoshMark purchase for a limited time!

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