Monday, July 4, 2011

budget crashers

A few things I am currently crushing on / pinning:
Love that outfit from a recent email from the mix of patterned shorts & lace is what I wish I was rockin' right now.

Can never have too much sequence! Pinned here. $202.00 found on the pricey but fun!

Love these Betsey Johnson floral wedges! Pinned here $90.

I WANT this sketch of "all" of the buildings in New York City. I have been stalking this for a while. Get yours here $150. Maybe my next purchase for my apartment, would go great with my Marilyn!

Love studded flats & have been looking for a pair. Pinned here found on the $162.

Love these purple ones more though... Pinned here, haven't got them yet because they are a 6.5...  but still thinking about it... $16 found on etsy through Koi-Story and her recent post Vintage Sale on School Street

These brown loafers have been on my must have for a while now. Pinned here from my sponsor Love their store shopvpv. Bought them the other week on their ebay store.

This mirrored tray will be so perfect on the coffee table {or bar} in my new apartment {pics to follow once we are settled}. Pinned here. Bought this on ebay the other week too - $4 plus $8 shipping.

Which leads me to: 

Whoops... not very successful this month...
between moving & shopping for the new place
my budget was not successful this month =(

Well here is to next month!:

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Sorry about stinkin {again} no internet in the new place yet... workin' on it!

Happy 4th of July too!


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Emma! I heart the gold mirror tray. Those are perfect to display brooches or pretty perfume bottles.

I'd sign up for the giveaway, but I don't have any room for it. I'm finding out I have a purse collection problem.

Have a fab weekend - hopefully you having something fun to look forward to ;)

Emma Z said...

Thank you Michelle!

I also have a bag problem! Made apparent by my recent move!

Hope all is well with you, I don't have a lot of time to blog read right now but I will catch up with you soon =)

LoveIsBrightAndYourMySunShine said...

love the shoes you picked out on the stuff your crushing on :)

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