Saturday, January 29, 2011


Here are some amazing pieces of jewelry I can't get enough of:

A girl I went to high school with makes jewelry and she has some AWESOME stuff. I can't even post the ones I love the most because there are soooo many! Check her out! and on facebook!

Sometimes I think Tiffany & Co is too over done and easily replicated but they do have some pieces that I enjoy looking at:

I love these earrings. Tiffany blue, simple, elegant, yet still stand out. Priced at $500, a girl can dream =)

Another piece from Tiffany that I LOVE and actually own (thanks to my amazing fiance!): Diamonds by the yard. You can wear these with everything and feel like a million bucks!

A Tiffany piece that I hope to own before I die (could become a family heirloom haha) and that I would love for a wedding anniversary (sometime in the farrrrrrr future) or something similar from another company.

Even more unattainable is the timeless Cartier Love Collection. At $4,300 bucks... a trip to China Town is in order... People have mixed feelings about knockoffs, I think if they are unrealistic in your budget and you want it... nothing should stand in your way! ((and I want this haha))

Similar to the Cartier Love Bracelet, is the Kate Spade "hand in hand" bracelet. Which I LOVE! I know many have blogged about this particular piece of jewelry because it is so simple and beautiful and better yet 25% of total sales from the bangle will be donated to women for women international! Priced at just below $50, it is probably my next splurge!


Brooke said...

i have the hand in hand bangle! I love it! :)

Emma Z said...

i love it, soooooo pretty =)