Saturday, January 29, 2011

I want a new bag.

So I have decided I need to hit the lottery so I can buy myself a new (expensive and gorgeous) bag.

Here are some of the front runners:

Love, Love, Love Tory Burch-bags, shoes, and apparel

Now, normally I can't stand Coach, but they have some pretty awesome stuff out right now:

On another hand: a bag I recently received as a late Christmas present from my fiance: I LOVE Rachael Roy! Proceeds from this bag go to help the crisis in Pakistan. Totally worth $20!

The back is signed by many influential people including: Jay-Z, Oprah, Rachael Roy, Rachael Zoe, Vera Wang etc.

Dear Kate Spade,

I usually think your bags are boring and don't see the appeal but WOW have you upped the creativity!

I am so into the book of the month clutch and the Newspaper line! Check them out!

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