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COMBO Humble Beauty Opinions #112 + #113 :: March & April 2023

Last Saturday of the month = my March & April COMBO Humble Beauty Opinions! 
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

As per usual lets start with my monthly subscription to Ipsy!

I got this email in March saying that the Ipsy glam bag is now valued at $70,
not sure if this is accurate since, as you will see, my April bag was not very exciting 


My March Ipsy bag was just okay too,
I do like the KAB Cosmetics "Mini Tinted Lip Oil in Good Vibrations" 

I picked the Grown Alchemist "Age Repair Intensive Moisturizer White Tea, Phyto-Peptide" 
and I like this but it smells like weed... 
I am not sure why, but every time I use it I think the same thing

I also redeemed some points this month, 
Got the Luna Magic (was so intrigued by the blue shade- can't wait to try it) 
& the "Mystery Product"...

I was excited about the mystery product, especially it said it was suppose to be valued at $95+...

I got the Goldfaden MD "Radical Difference" serum (I think I have used this before and did enjoy it) and the APTC Skincare "Pomegranate Moisturizer" which I am using right now- it is nice, a little goes a long way and I feel like this is going to last forever.
Over all they are nice products but nothing too exciting 

April's Ipsy was just okay too, so much so I think I forgot to take a picture of it... 
that has not happened before.
I like the ORYZA "Glow Up Lip Balm in Watermelon Waves" I think this will be a go to this summer 

Honestly after these two bags I was thinking that I really do not need to get Ipsy anymore, 
I have so many products that I need to use and not enough times I am getting ready to use them...
I went to cancel it but I bought the year which is over in August, 
so we will see if my feelings change between now and then but as of now I will not be renewing

I did a little shopping thanks to an ULTA gift card from my MIL,
got a couple tried and true products:
Urban Decay "All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray"
The Ordinary "Direct Acids Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution"
Hero "Rescue Balm Color-Correcting Green Cream" 
{I use thing in lieu of foundation most days these days and I am loving I}

I saw this tote at Ulta and considered buying it too, 
it is so cute but I don't really need another tote bag...

Got some goodies on my monthly makeup wishlist!

I have not purchased a new makeup pallet in a while,
 but this "Trouble Maker" palette from Colourpop caught my eye, 
especially the shades "Sus", "Wild", "Real", & "Kickass"

Two other Colourpop shadows that I want to add to my collection:

Might have to place a Colourpop order...

Another pallet that I think is so beautiful and fun is this Natasha Denona Pastel Eyeshadow Palette:

I was scrolling on Facebook and saw people looking for dupes of the Lipstick Queen "Butterfly Ball Goodbye" lipstick in the Fat Mascara // Raising a Wand group. It is a deep berry/purple with blue pearl shimmer. Even though it is discontinued I am so interested in trying it!
Lots of people recommended Fenty Beauty "Vamps Who Brunch"

Lights Lacquer came out with a new collection- Dream a Little Dream,
(+ yet another one with the Polly Pocket collab...)
honestly more shimmers & pastels and shimmers 
that are not different enough from my current collection


Lights Lacquer also came out with a Nail Artist Mat & travel case for your tools

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated  
& all my humble opinions in between:
bath: Bath & Body Works "Cozy Sunday Morning" body wash- I really enjoyed this scent, does give off cozy vibes, would repurchase | Revlon Colorsilk "34 Deep Burgundy" x2- my go to | Dove Sensitive Skin x3- classic bar of soap, gets the job done without being drying | one + other Pro Strength  Nail Polish Remover- I think I got this at CVS? Or Target?- good basic nail polish remover | The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution- my sister got me this, she swears by it! I have repurchased it I do think it helps my skin, thought I do not use it everyday | Clinique "Moisture Surge Face Spray"- I wanted to love this on lazy nights were I used all my energy to wash my face and didn't feel like doing a whole skincare routine but I don't think it did anything | Tub Tea Herbal Bath Soak from Elder N Honey Co.- I think I got this a gift but it was just okay | Bella B "Foaming Face Wash"- I liked this, lasted a long time, did sting around the eyes a little though | Trader Joe's "Kabucha Black Tea Cleansing Oil"- I liked this for taking off my makeup but this little bottle didn't last too long | Polaar "Nuit Polaire"- this stuff is too scented to possibly be that good for your face, I feel that way with all their products | Gloss Moderne "Clean Luxury Hair Masque" honestly don't even remember using this product so could not have been that good or that bad ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

beauty: Urban Decay NAKED "Sesso"- I have loved this lip gloss for years but it has started leaking and is pretty empty at this point, sad to see it go! | Yensa "Super Serum Silk Foundation" in "Light Medium"- I liked this, this wasn't the right shade but I used it with the next product and it worked well, good coverage | It Cosmetics CC+ used this with the Yensa and it was a good combo | Hero Rescue Balm "Color- Correcting Green Cream"- I use this in lieu of foundation most days and I love it, just makes your skin look more even and like you do have coverage on | Milk Makeup Hydro makeup setting spray- I liked this, I think it did help my makeup last but I do prefer the sprayer on the Ubran Decay All Nigher this was just a little too forceful | Almay Sensitive Skin deodorant- this is my favorite cheap deodorant, does the job | Smashbox Photo Finish Protect- I liked this primer, it lasted FOREVER but I think it did a good job filing in my pores and a good base for foundation | The Makeup Shack makeup sponge- I got this from Ipsy, I liked this, was just as good as my beauty blender, it recently started like pilling so it was time to replace it | Clinique Happy Heart- I LOVE this scent, I got this as a gift and unfortunately it was leaking and only had a couple sprays left in it | Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Boost- I liked this serum but it did have a weird smell to it, almost like baby food/baby poop? | Lansing Organic Nipple Balm- I swear nbc this throughout my pregnancy and breastfeeding journey | Youth to the People "Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream"- I like this, it is nice and thick, not sure I would purchase the full size but I do enjoy this | Clinique "all about eyes"- a good eye cream, this also lasted a long time | Trader Joe's "Brown Sugar & Fig"- this may be one of my fave body butters that they make, wish they had this in a big size 

candles: Trader Joe's Crackling Citrus Green Tea- this is a nice fresh scent, the crackling is quite loud | Yankee Candle "Twinkling Lights"- a left over from the Christmas season, not a favorite, I don't think Yankee Candles have as good of a scent carry like they used to | Lidl "Bright Citrus"- I really liked this one, should have bought more, smells much fancier than they are, has crystals in it | Trader Joe's "A Rose is a Rose"- I love these, smell so luxe and fresh, wish I bought a whole pallet full of them 

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