Sunday, March 13, 2022

a piece of our hearts is gone, Rest In Peace Maggie πŸ’”

A month ago, on Valentine’s Day weekend, we made the impossible choice to say goodbye to our beloved bulldog Maggie.

Almost exactly 10 years to the day of her gotcha day. Almost at the same exit on the highway from where we picked her up when she was just 7 weeks old. It snowed on that day in February as the man in the truck kissed her little head and handed her to her new dad.

I still can’t believe it. We are shell shocked and devastated.

The day started as a normal day of Mags stomping around looking for pets and ended with an empty car ride home to an empty house.

I walked the dogs that afternoon, laughed at her for her vest sliding up around her ears making her look like a turtle coming out of its shell. We sat on the steps as Barry continued to wonder around and shared a nice moment in the unseasonably warm winter sun.

We went back inside and about an hour later Maggie made a terrible retching noise. I thought it was a normal gross dog noise and checked on her. She seemed okay. As the day went on she kept retching with nothing coming up, her stomach swelled up to the size of a large beach ball. It was hard to the touch and we put her in the car to take her to the emergency vet.

She collapsed in the entry way of the vet and everything was a whirlwind. Her stomach had twisted and she was dying. We made an impossible decision, the only one we could make for her.

I’m going to miss her slow steps coming up to say good morning, her cuddles and the way she would wrap her arm around me when I would lay next to her.

She was the stinkiest feistiest bully. So stubborn and such a weirdo.

I wish she stuck around to meet little Charlie but we will tell him all about his bully big sister that came before.

Barry keeps looking for her too, we hug him a little tighter these days.

Maggie May I can't believe you left me here with all these boys. You were our baby girl and we will miss you everyday.


I wanted to share some of our first photos of her:

My last photos of Maggie:

& some of my favorites:


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