Sunday, October 25, 2020

Spectacular Sunday :: an eyeglass pilgrimage to see The Eyeglass Lass!

I am so excited to finally be writing this post!

@theeyeglasslass was not kidding!
At the start of the pandemic I bought a gift certificate 
in hopes of a future road trip to Connecticut! 

I have been a huge fan of Siobhan for years now!

I have been saving eyewear inspo from her for YEARS now:
{source: left- @theeyeglassglass πŸ”› Instagram, πŸ‘“:  Roger Eye Design
right- top: @highcyl πŸ”› Instagram, πŸ‘“: Silhouette Eyewear
bottom: @theeyeglassglass πŸ”› Instagram, πŸ‘“: Kuboraum}

When I saw that she was opening a new store in Mystic, CT, 
it was timeeeee!

We (I) decided that this was going to be part of my birthday week adventures! 
too bad that it happened to be some of the worst rain I HAVE EVER SEEN
let alone drive (well my hubby drove) through...

We made it to The Eyeglass Lass, come hell or high water!

Such a cute eyewear boutique! 

SO many amazing frames to choose from!
I loved all of theses LA Eyeworks frames

& loved all of these Rogers Eye Design frames

These were my faves:

Finally I narrowed it down to two frames:
bottom- Lowercase

I made my final decision (it was SUPER HARD)
but I went with those Lowercase "Opal" frames in "Canary"

After 6 + hours hours of driving, 
the rain finally stopped and we were finally home ♥️ 

What I Wore: glasses- Faniel Eyewear, eyeshadow 🎨- Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II from Morphe, earrings- Julie Vos "Gardenia Hoops Small", top- Who What Wear x Target, jeans- Gap, boots- Target, bag- Amazon

Ring bling + arm candy- Julie Vos of course!

Got so many Eyeglass Lass goodies! 

& in a couple weeks my AMAZING Lowercase eyewear arrived! 


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