Thursday, July 31, 2014

tbt: getting a green kitchen

I wanted to share some home decor updates, 
specifically in our kitchen! 

The pot rack got a new home above the sink

It used to live above the window...
and acted as a chime every time we opened the door,
it needed a new home

I love these coffee makers that my great aunts & cousin brought me and the hubby these from Italy for our wedding last year,

I love magnets and collection of random things on our fridge,

Throughout the house we have MsSpanner pieces,
in the kitchen we have our Maggie & Barry drawings!
We also have this piece that my Little Dara from my sorority made when we were in college, 
I love this black and white piece!

These little skulls seem to migrate around the kitchen, 
sometimes they live on the window =)

& this time last year I convinced the hubby to paint one of the walls in our house a green chalkboard! 

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, top- vintage via Tea and Tulips, shorts- plndr, flats- The Webster for Target 

I think the green warms up the kitchen =)
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